Time to Press the Re:Set Button

Re:Flect. Re:NEW. Re:CONNECT.

Hello! I'm T ...

....Dedicated to helping people press the reset button and start again.


Using realistic, integrated and practical tools to support you to thrive in everything you do…because we all need support when we feel we have lost our way….



“Your health is your wealth…
please put it first...
if you don’t, no-one else will.”

— T Bovingdon


A number of factors affect our health & wellbeing and if one element is not working it can have an adverse effect on the others…..so it's now more important than ever to RE:FLECT on what’s working and not working…. RE:NEW your passion and RE:CONNECT with yourself and the world.

You can always make the decision to press the RE:SET button and start again at any stage of your life and work…..and at times we all need support to enable us to do just that.

Working one to one or within a group helping you to get back to the real essence of you can help you to make the changes needed to Reset at any stage keeping you on track and motivated to thrive.

S0 press the RE:SET button and join a community of people and businesses dedicated to our health and wellbeing...

Here's to supporting your health and happiness!


Time to join RE:SET and be part of a communi-T dedicated to practical, relalistic support and advice




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There has never been a more crucial time to invest in YOU!

Put Wellbeing
at the heart of everything you do!

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What others say

"Going through the bereavement process after losing my mum, I felt totally alone and lost, until I found T. Her love, compassion and support via our coaching calls have been a lifeline for me. She cuts through the noise and listens for what matters and creates clear actions to change deep-rooted habits and beliefs. I am learning key skills to live a powerful life and create a vision of a life I want to live into, rather than surviving life. Whether you're looking for life coaching or setting up your own business, T is the go-to woman - she has a passion for transforming lives and is very humble about the successes she has achieved in her life that make her so excellent!"

Sabrina, London

"When it comes to the reality of how certain events can impact your life in such a debilitating and life-threatening way, there are loads of coaches that talk a good game. But T is the real deal. With her combination of deep intuition, wisdom and coaching of practical life experience, she helped transform my outlook.

A year ago I was lost and suicidal. She came to me at the right time and was my friend when I could not rely on others, she held my hand when I needed it most, she gave me the confidence to keep going, but of more importance to me, she imparted the wisdom necessary to reset, learn, and provide the platform for renewed success. Quite simply, her inner beauty shone through and delivered."

Paul, UK