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The Journey of Re:Set

Why Re:Set

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about me so that you understand what has driven me to start RE:SET and why I feel so passionate about health and wellbeing… and the way we breathe x

I genuinely understand how life can sometimes pull the rug away… and events, people or circumstance can leave us feeling stuck, fearful and lacking the self-confidence or motivation to pick ourselves up before we can even think about rising above it all.

It's at these times when our health and wellbeing are so vital to support us and yet they can be the first to suffer… often pulling us even further down.

In my life, I have known what it takes to overcome these events and to get to a place where we can truly thrive and live a complete life.

My Story... so far!

Classed as a serial entrepreneur and leader, I built a number of businesses and concepts from scratch. After selling one of my companies I became a millionaire at the age of 43. I, therefore, know what it takes to be resilient and overcome objectives and challenges along the way. My senior roles in the wellbeing sector have since given me the tools and experience to become a qualified Integrated Health & Nutritionist , Breathwork Coach, Pilates Instructor and Business Mentor.

This journey really gained momentum after facing my biggest challenge of them all in 2018.

Diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer was devastating for me as a single mum of two beautiful girls but I used it as an opportunity to bring everything I knew into one place… my healing!

Doctors and Oncologists were stunned at my remarkable reaction to treatment and my incredibly positive mindset. I took an integrative approach and coupled medical procedures with an extensive range of holistic practices and a complete RE:SET of my mind, body and environment. It resulted in what they called a 'complete pathological response' and I was given the all-clear within 5 months. From Stage 3 Breast Cancer to "Not a Trace" x.

My surgeon told me I either had a Guardian Angel or I was meant to be on this earth... and I believe that I was meant to heal myself so I could help others to not only heal but also thrive.

Ready to change for the better?

Then let's do it together...

Find out how

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

— Helen Keller

I have always been fascinated with self-improvement and empowerment and have studied many practices, books, techniques and even walked on fire, applying many of these tools at different stages in my life. I learned and studied everything about what beats cancer and understand the common platforms the body needs to heal. I am on a mission to support people to become and stay well. I am also passionate about trying to ensure workplaces are healthy places for people to thrive in….


Don’t wait until your lack of wellbeing becomes critical… there are so many simple things that can be adopted and implemented to make significant changes to the way you live…..We just need to find out what’s most needed and give you proven solutions that really work.

...I am passionate about helping you to create your own health and wellbeing practices…..… because we need it more than ever.

 I am committed to use every element of my experience, qualifications, and success to serve as many people as possible to be...

completely well, mindfully happy and genuinely fulfilled.

Together we can change the
Hearts, Minds and Bodies of the world…
... for the better x

So this is my commitment to you and I am dedicated to supporting you and workplaces to put happiness, health and wellbeing as a priority above all else.

But don’t just take my word for it!

What others say

"Tracey Bovingdon is absolutely phenomenal. She really helped 'unblock' a couple of life areas where I had become overwhelmed with so many choices and couldn't make a clear decision. With her caring and pragmatic approach based on solid and very credible professional and personal experience, she quickly got to the heart of the matter and helped steer me in a clear direction, and to create a realistic plan for the months ahead. What I appreciated most was Tracey's expertise in so many areas - she gave me superb guidance on professional, health and overall 'life' topics. Her knowledge around fitness and nutrition is vast and she doesn't just talk the talk, she radiates positive and healthy energy and herself practices what she advises others to do. Tracey's competence, empathy and brilliant sense of humour made my sessions with her - from new Business planning and life coaching through to pilates and yoga classes, mindfulness meditation and a wonderful Reiki session - an absolute pleasure. I cannot recommend Tracey highly enough and came away feeling that she has truly helped me to get my life in order on all fronts. Thank you so much Tracey!."

Charlotte, Switzerland

"I am simply blown away by both your Re-Set course and yourself as an amazing human being. There was no aspect of myself, my life, my health, my mindset or my conditioning that was ignored in order to progress me to an amazing and powerful new place. Your incredible knowledge and understanding of the human condition are matched only by the compassion, enthusiasm, passion and drive that you have for helping people to live better and happier lives. You are a force of nature T and you have supported me on this amazing journey to change my life forever. I cannot thank you enough."

Tim, UK