Conscious, Connected Breathing

Breathwork is one of the most powerful healing modalities that connects the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of ourselves and brings harmony and balance.


It is an extremely powerful and safe way to really infuse the body with oxygen and healing energy. It can allow us to tap into higher levels of consciousness and inner resources to be able to live our lives with clarity, joy and abundance.


Many studies have revealed that the body stores trauma and Breathwork can be the conduit between the body and mind…allowing the body to release trauma, to create healing and balance.


"I believe that given the right conditions the body can heal itself……I hope you can discover that you hold the key within you….to your own healing, balance and abundance”

You can start to feel the benefits immediately from just your first session and once you learn this incredible practice you have the tools for life…..

reactions from students

reactions from students

Thank you so much for yesterday’s lovely session!

I had a great night's sleep and felt so energised when I got home. I also feel very grounded, confident and setting myself some good boundaries, which I may have struggled with in the past.

I felt so calm and I’m my own zone when I arrived home and kept hydrated since! Thank you so much, can’t wait to attend if you do more in the future,

Hi T,

Thank you for the lovely session.  I did it twice today (only 10 minutes and later 5 minutes) and will do it again in a minute .... I think it could be quite addictive!   

Thank you xx

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