Nutrition & Allergies

The Importance of the Right Nutrition

“What you put inside your body and on your skin has a direct effect on your health – choose wisely and think before you eat”…..Tx

Most people spend more time choosing what colour cushions they want on their sofa than what to put in their bodies……and then they can’t understand why they feel tired, hormonal or slightly unwell most of the time….

By having an honest and in-depth review of your eating habits and diet we can often make small changes that have quite dramatic results…and can restore your vitality and health just by adding or reducing certain foods.

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Knowing What you are Allergic to

Before I became a nutritionist I went for years eating eggs and consumed many products that contained hidden eggs ……and then after a food intolerance test I found out I was allergic to egg yolks and highly allergic to egg whites ??!!...who knew !!....probably explained why I felt so tired after a Sunday morning pancake treat ….

Throughout our life we change…this includes hormones, stress levels, cholesterol and insulin levels and if out of balance these can lead to sever symptoms….

A simple allergy test will allow you to assess these levels and take a pro-active approach to managing your diet and lifestyle accordingly.

Tests offered include:

Food Intolerances

Food & Environmental


Inflammation (CRP)


Liver Function Test

Stress (Cortisol)



Female and Male Hormones


These are a simple blood test via a test kit/finger prick and assessed with my partner laboratory for in-depth and quick results.

Don’t wait until you have acute symptoms to start managing your health……

Your health is in your hands !

Some Intolerance Symptoms include:


Digestive/Headaches/Fatigue/Skin Issues/ Muscle & Joint pains/weight management.

(Generally, a delayed reaction…..reactions can show up to 72 hours later)


Itching or tingling in the mouth, swelling of the lips/tongue/face, Wheezing, Nausea, hives, fainting, hay fever like symptoms, difficulty swallowing or going into anaphylaxis shock. The testing is based on the NHS CAP scoring system (same testing strategy as the NHS) 


  • 78% of people with a food intolerance suffer from digestive issues such as bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, constipation.
  • 81% of people have seen improvements in their symptoms after taking the test, altering their diet, and making the lifestyle changes.
  • 3 out of 4 people who change their diet reported an improvement, and 68% of people noticed this within 3 weeks.
  • Our Intolerance tests have a 98% reproducibility rate, which means that if the test was retaken there is a 98% chance that the secondary test would provide you with the same results.

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"Going through the bereavement process after losing my mum, I felt totally alone and lost, until I found T. Her love, compassion and support via our coaching calls have been a lifeline for me. She cuts through the noise and listens for what matters and creates clear actions to change deep-rooted habits and beliefs. I am learning key skills to live a powerful life and create a vision of a life I want to live into, rather than surviving life. Whether you're looking for life coaching or setting up your own business, T is the go-to woman - she has a passion for transforming lives and is very humble about the successes she has achieved in her life that make her so excellent!"

Sabrina, London

"When it comes to the reality of how certain events can impact your life in such a debilitating and life-threatening way, there are loads of coaches that talk a good game. But T is the real deal. With her combination of deep intuition, wisdom and coaching of practical life experience, she helped transform my outlook.

A year ago I was lost and suicidal. She came to me at the right time and was my friend when I could not rely on others, she held my hand when I needed it most, she gave me the confidence to keep going, but of more importance to me, she imparted the wisdom necessary to reset, learn, and provide the platform for renewed success. Quite simply, her inner beauty shone through and delivered."

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