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Anyone who is serious about making changes or improving things in any area will seek a professional and experienced coach to get better and quicker results.

We take the role as your coach very seriously and feel honoured to support your journey.

We help you to:

RE:FOCUS to support and motivate you every step of the way; keeping you on track, on time and on budget.

RE:TRAIN the way you think, by identifying negative and limiting beliefs and helping you to shift to a more positive mindset.

RE:NEW how you see yourself and give you the tools to develop and improve your self-resilience and self-reliance.

“Old ways won't open new doors”

Each session lasts for 60 minutes and can be conducted via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp video.


An initial 30 minute consultation is available for free to assess your immediate concerns and to
determine the best strategy and key focus for the sessions moving forward.


The price includes unlimited email and text support following each “live” session.

4 x 60-minute sessions per month +
28 days unlimited email and text support

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2 x 60-minute sessions per month (1 every 2 weeks)+
28 days unlimited email and text support

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6 months of support @ 2 sessions/month+
Unlimited email and text

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What others say

"I felt stagnant, tired and stressed so I took myself to Thailand and under the guidance of Tracey I felt almost reborn. Nothing phases me anymore and I deal with any problems calmly and effectively. Everyone has noticed the huge change in my demeanour, I cannot thank her enough."

Ann, UK